M&G Camp Legacy Foundation

Giving the Gift of Education to the Most Vulnerable

Our vision is to improve the lives of orphans and children of impoverished backgrounds through access to education.

Our not-for-profit organization is guided by the principles of integrity, community, safety, diversity, inspiration and empowerment. Our mission is to mitigate the risks and threats caused by poverty through proper educational funding.

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M&G Camp Legacy Foundation seeks to impact the lives of over 200 children by providing housing, educational programs and services. These programs will help the children gain skills that will enable them to be self-reliant adults and contributors to their community.


Funding for tools and equipment to build student dormitories.


Teachers and managerial staff educate and care for the children and students.

Tuition and School Fees

Educational materials and uniforms

School Supplies

Students need books and other school materials.

Technical / Vocational Education

After high school, students who cannot continue their education will have the opportunity to attend vocational programs through our Technical College. Students will study building, motor mechanics, design/tailoring, welding, and farming.

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About Us

M & G Camp Legacy Foundation is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to orphans and children of impoverished backgrounds. Our emphasis are children of impoverished backgrounds living in poverty. Orphans and children living in poverty lack educational options. M & G Camp Legacy Foundation seeks to provide these children with an opportunity to have a meaningful life.

About The Foundation

Manaseh and Gertrude Katsigazi took in and cared for many people, as well as educated children in the community in addition to their own. Their children grew up thinking that everyone in their home was a relative. Manaseh and Gertrude’s passion, love, and willingness to improve people’s lives has made a lifelong impact until their passing in 2006 and 2017.

M&G Camp Legacy Foundation was created by their children to keep Manaseh and Gertude’s legacy alive. In the spirit of their parents, M&G Camp Legacy Foundation works to help children and the community living in poverty.

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As a Sponsor, your tax-deductible donation helps a child with a place to live, meals, tuition and educational materials for a year.

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